About Our Practice

For decades Schuman Medical Practice has been providing medical care for the large English speaking Community in the European quarter of Brussels. Started originally by Dr Piercy, and later taken over in 2007 by Dr Stockley and Dr Verheul, the practice has built up an expertise in General Practice Medicine for a wide variety of nationalities and cultures. Now both Dr Verheul and Dr Stockley enjoy a well deserved retirement, Dr Jonckers and Dr Nyiraguhirwa continue to build on these years of experience.

Doctor Eric Jonckers

After finishing my basic medical degree in 2003 at the KULeuven, I trained for another 2 years as a General Practitioner in group practice in Beerse, Belgium. After qualifying as a GP, I left Belgium and became a medical missionary in Pemba Mozambique. I was there for more than a decade as part of a wonderful medical team. Together we founded a primary health care facility, as well as running a mobile medical clinic in rural African villages. There I discovered how true love ‘has hands and feet’ and how to express this in caring for the sick and needy. Now I have returned to the multicultural capital of my own country Belgium, wanting to care for the sick, whatever nationality or background they come from. My desire is to see people healthy, finding true well-being in life.
I am Belgian, and married. I am fluent in Dutch and English, and I speak basic Portuguese and some French.

Doctor Chantal Nyiraguhirwa

I completed my basic medical education in both Rwanda and Belgium. Thereafter, I trained to become a Family Physician at Ghent university in Belgium; the period wherein I worked in 2 different practices under supervision; in a small village (Zele) and a city (Ghent) for a period of two years. After qualifying as a Family Physician, I worked for five years in a community Health Centre in Lokeren. (a city in East Flanders) I have a special interest in women’s health, which led me to participate in an internship at the reproductive Health department of the world Health Organization in Geneva. I am passionate about providing quality primary healthcare on a background of evidence-based medicine with a focus on prevention. I joined Schuman Medical Practice in the spring of 2022.

In my spare time I enjoy spinning classes!

I am fluent in Kinyarwanda (my mother tongue), English, Dutch and French!

A Personal Approach to Healthcare
For the English Speaking Community of Brussels.


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