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We offer a variety of different healthcare services, you can find more information below. Feel free to get in touch with any questions you might have.


Blood tests can be taken here, preferably in the morning. Please make an appointment.
Testing for blood glucose and lipids needs a fasting blood sample, ie not eating for 12 hours but having plenty of water to drink.
Blood samples can also be taken at LBS laboratories, with no appointment needed.  www.lbslab.be for more information
Urine samples can be sent from here, please ask for a urine sample pot.
Results of blood tests are sent to you in the post from LBS laboratories. We receive a copy over the internet and will contact you if there is action required. Please make an appointment if you would like to discuss your results.


Dr Jonckers and Dr Nyiraguhirwa are able to issue repeat prescriptions, including E-Prescriptions (see below) for medications that you take regularly.
If you are new to Brussels you will need to make an appointment so that we can take a medical history and enter details on our computer system.
We can issue repeat prescriptions for kinetherapy and osteopathy.

Electronic Prescriptions:
It is now possible to issue electronic prescriptions without the need to collect a paper copy. We require your NISS number (on the back of a Belgian Identity card) to be able to issue an electronic prescription.


We can advise on routine vaccinations. Remember to bring details of your previous vaccinations.
We do not give yellow fever or rabies vaccinations as these must be given at a designated centre or travel clinic.
Routine childhood vaccinations should be given at the Belgian ONE clinics. www.one.be

Medicals and Certificates

Insurance medicals: please book a double appointment as these medicals can take a long time. A morning appointment is preferable as a fasting blood test is usually required.
Annual medicals: If you are working for one the EU institutions and require an annual medical examination, please send an email so that we can allocate sufficient time.
Sports medicals, certificates of fitness and visa medicals can also be done, please make an appointment.


Recommendations for English speaking specialists and other healthcare services. Please ask us as we can usually help.

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What You Need to Know About Your Appointment


Appointments are 20 minutes long. Please book a double appointment for Medicals.


If it is relevant to the consultation, bring your medical history or past diagnosis's.


Please arrive 10 minutes before the appointment begins.

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