We can advise on travel vaccines, and administer them. Most can be given in our office.

We recommend that you first look on the website and enter your country of destination. This will tell you the vaccinations that you require. You can send us an email with this information, and also your previous vaccination history.

Next we will prepare a prescription for the vaccinations which you can collect from our office. Then you can make an appointment for the vaccines to be administered, and we will give you any other advice or prescriptions needed – for example anti malaria medication.

Childhood vaccinations

We recommend the Belgian ONE clinics for all routine childhood vaccinations.

If you have moved from abroad we can give the vaccines needed for other immunisation schedules, or to ‘catch up’ with the Belgian system.

Yellow Fever Vaccine

This vaccine must be given at a registered center, for example; Travel Clinic, Cesar de Paepe, 13 Rue des Alexiens, 1000 – Brussels. Tel 02 535 33 43

Rabies Vaccine

Order this vaccine at the Pasteur Institut and send it directly to us.

Routine vaccinations

A vaccine against diphtheria/tetanus/polio ( Revaxis ) should be given every 10 years for full protection against these diseases.

Vaccines against other diseases can also be discussed with us – eg influenza, HPV ( Gardasil ).